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LaCie Website Review & Ratings + LaCie Coupons

LaCie: Products & Services

With operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia, LaCie is a premier manufacturer of storage devices for PC, Apple and Linux and is a global name in the production of cutting-edge, performance-driven and tastefully designed storage devices & solutions, displays and accessories.   

This top-rated BBB member and winner of numerous international awards that has set itself apart from its competitors through its exceptionally advanced digital storage innovations and beautiful designs and that was founded in France in 1989 has offices in 15 different countries and in the United States is based in Hillsboro, Ore. 97124.

LaCie offers:  
Hard Drives -- Desktop Hard Drives, Mobile Hard Drives, Multimedia Hard Drives, Network Storage and RAID;               
Flash Drives – USB Keys;
Blu-ray/DVD -- Blu-ray and Mobile DVD±RW;
Displays -- LCD Monitors and Calibrators;              
Software -- Genie Backup for Windows, Intego Backup for Mac OS X, LaCie NAS, Private/Public, PC/Mac® Lock and LightScribe Labeler;
Accessories -- Hard Drive Cases, Laptop Cases, Cards for Desktop Computer, Cards for Laptop Computer, Cables, Racks, Power Supplies, Rugged Sleeves, For Multimedia Hard Drives and 12big Accessories;
Wuala Cloud Storage – Wuala by LaCie and Wuala Business;
After-Sales Services -- Warranty Upgrades and Additional Services.

LaCie provides a complete list on where to buy its products in the United St5ates as well as across the globe.

LaCie: Company Background

LaCie believes in design and technology to yield products that are both beautiful and performance-driven.   It is easy to replace a keyboard, processor or printer—but not our data.   To make our digital life better, we need to be able to back up to a second place easily and should feel that we have made the best choice for our data’s safety and security.   LaCie offers us this choice through its products and its new service Wuala.   LaCie offers advanced and innovative storage solutions, displays and accessories and recognizing the current trends, LaCie will continue to develop network- and multimedia-centric products, while still creating everything from massive multi-terabyte systems to miniscule USB keys.

Established in France in 1989 by its founder Philippe Spruch, LaCie in the United States is based in Hillsboro, Ore. 97124.  LaCie has offices in 15 different countries and runs two main manufacturing sites in Oregon (USA) and France.   LaCie has differentiated itself in the world market through sleek design and remarkable technical performance.

LaCie: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Regarding comments about LaCie’s products across the Internet, it is a fact that the percentage is much bigger on the positive side rather than the opposite.   Below are reviews (both customer and editorial) quoted from the Web.  

Posted on Amazon:
Customer Review of LaCie 300GB d2 External Hard Drive With Triple Interface (300791U)
By Hugh (June 12, 2006)

Excellent Hard Drive: Never had any problems.   I have purchased 6 Lacie D2 Hard Drives over the last 4 years, (3x 160 GB, 1x 200 GB, and 2x 300 GB) and all 6 drives are still working perfectly. The drives are well designed, and dependable. Many of the product reviews I have read on Amazon contradict my experience.

I think it is important to note that any hard drive, no matter the brand name, is in danger of failure. External hard drive failure is to be anticipated in my profession (video editor, artist, teacher). Almost any professional working with video will tell you to buy 2 hard drives, one to work on and the second to back up the first. Another strategy is to intermittently back up your data on DVDs, but this approach is time consuming and imperfect.

I would also like to add that one of the most common causes for external hard drive failure is improper shut down. Every time your hard drive is disconnected improperly from your computer you risk failure. I teach video editing to undergraduate students at Hunter College. I have observed that teaching the students how to properly disconnect their external drives from the computers almost eliminates drive failure. Out of my class of 9 students last semester (the majority using Lacie hard drives) there was not a single problem.

External Drive Shut Down Instructions (Macintosh):
1) Eject your external drive by throwing the disk icon in the trash or using another method (see Mac Help "Ejecting a disk, server volume, CD or DVD disk, or other devices").
2) Once the disk icon has disappeared from your desktop, turn off your hard drive (pressing the drives power button or flipping its switch to the off position).
3) Once the drive is turned off, disconnect the data cable connecting the drive to the computer.
4) Finally, unplug power supply from power source.

I have known multiple people who have lost irreplaceable data to hard drive failure, regardless of brand name. Whether Seagate, IOGear, Maxtor or Lacie there is a chance of failure no matter what precautions one takes. My experience has been that Lacie D2 drives are dependable and trouble free when used properly.

Published on TechGenie:
Review of LaCie 1TB Rugged All-Terrain Hard Drive
By Nidhi Chaudhary (Sep. 29, 2010)

The LaCie Rugged XL is a 1 TB Portable Hard Disk Drive. It is built to meet all your storage needs on the go. It comes along with a sleek and stylish design.

This durable Hard Disk drive offers one terabyte of storage space along with a high-speed USB 2.0 connection and eSATA interface of 3 Gb/sec. The aluminum alloy case of the hard drive dissipates heat generated during the operation. An added bonus to LaCie Rugged XL is that it has shock-resistant inner bumper. A colorful exterior rubber that surrounds the hard disk protects Rugged XL when you are transferring the data between machines.

The key features of Rugged XL 1 TB Portable Hard Disk Drive are:
1) 1 Terabyte of disk space.
2) Rugged design for outstanding performance on the go.
3) eSATA and USB 2.0 connectivity.
4) A sleek and stylish design by Neil Poulton.

Let us discuss these features of Rugged XL in brief.
Rugged XL has plenty of data storage space to accommodate about 1,420 DivX movies, 330,000 photos or 270,000 songs. The Rugged XL hard drive offers a high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity (which is also USB 1.1 backward compatible) with a speedy eSATA interface. Exchanging data between two machines is very simple through this device. For example the data exchange between Macs and PCs is very simple. All your files will get automatically backed up. The Rugged XL hard drive requires no extra drivers installation for Windows XP, Windows Vista or Mac OS X operating systems. This high-performance device features a very fast data transfer rate. The data speed offered by this hard drive device is up to three gigabits per second via eSATA connection. This device comes in a compact size of measuring 5.1 x 1.7 x 8.5 inches. Due to the compact size of the device, it easily installs on any desktop. So you can easily transfer the massive amounts of data. Apart from this LaCie Rugged XL comes along with the LaCie software bundles to enhance the performance and functionality of the hard disk drive. The software bundle includes LaCie’s One-Click Backup Software (this works on both, Mac and PC) and SilverKeeper Backup Software (this works for Mac only). LaCie Rugged XL also provides the Protection for Hardware and Software. Styled design of LaCie is exclusively created by the world-renowned product designer Neil Poulton. The Rugged XL is built to give a dynamic performance. It can withstand bumps and scrapes and comes along with a unique look. Its scratch-resistant aluminum shell and the shock-resistant rubber bumper serve as an additional layer of protection. Additionally, an LED indicator alerts you when the system gets overheating or experiences slow transfer rates. The setup of this product is effortless. It serves the plug & play features and offers customizable formatting along with LaCie Setup Assistant. This advanced hard disk drive features aluminum casing that gives superior protection.

Its extremely tough and resistive design comes along with a internal bumper, rubber sleeve and heat dissipating features, that makes LaCie Rugged XL both effective and sturdy.

LaCie: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

LaCie doubtless is a company of high credibility.   This leading manufacturer and provider of external storage solutions, color displays and accessories has earned BBB’s highest rating, A+ on a scale of A+ to F.   To better understand and serve the needs of its customers, LaCie does not outsource its professional product line support or repairs center.   It has two main manufacturing sites, in Oregon and France, and has offices in 15 different countries, and about a third of its worldwide staff belong to its technical teams.

Besides being involved with world trade shows and expositions and featured in various media, LaCie has won many honors and awards for its quality and innovative products, like the coveted 2012 Product Design Award from the International Forum Design GmbH (iF) for its P'9220 and P'9230 hard drives, the USB Key Award from the Observeur du Design '10 for LaCie iamaKey as well as the awards for LaCie's winning line of Rugged drives, just to mention some.

LaCie: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

On Google, LaCie has a pagerank of 6/10 (the page rank value is 6 from 10 possible points).   To have an idea of this pagerank, let us compare it with that of itself, which is 9/10,, 8/10, and one of LaCie’s competitors,, which is 7/10.
On Alexa, LaCie has a three-month global traffic rank of 21,829 and U.S. traffic rank of 17,693.   The number of sites linking in is quite high, 5,267.   Sites linking in are a measure of a site’s reputation, which means that LaCie has a good reputation.   According to, LaCie reaches roughly 646,350 users and delivers about 1,422,000 pageviews each month.

LaCie: Social Media Presence

Owing to its advanced and innovative products, LaCie has appeared in numerous media, among others ITPRO,, CNET,, PC Magazine,,,,, Macworld,,,,,,,,, MacTech Magazine,,,, Laptop Magazine,, and

LaCie has also been featured in uncountable media because of winning honors and awards every year:
"Best of RetailVision Awards" for Best Hardware, Best Peripherals and Best Vendor
Red Herring Magazine Small Cap 100 for innovative technology and smart business models
“Best of RetailVision Awards” Spring 2005 in Orlando, Fla. for Best Hardware, Best Peripheral and Best Vendor
“Best of RetailVision Awards” Fall 2005 in Phoenix, Ariz. for Best Vendor and Best Hardware
Prestigious CNET Editors' Choice Award for LaCie 321 Monitor
“Best of RetailVision Awards” Spring 2006 for Best Product Hardware and Best Vendor Latin America.   LaCie also  
                  received two award nominations in the categories of Best Merchandising and Best Retail Strategy
Award for Innovation in Media (AIM) at the 2006 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Conference in Las Vegas for     
                  LaCie Little Big Disk 320GB
 “Best of RetailVision Awards” Fall 2006 for Best Vendor.    LaCie also received four additional award nominations in the  
                  categories of Best Merchandising, Best Retail Strategy, Best Product and Best Latin America Vendor.
RedDot Award 2006 for superior product design (LaCie hard drives Rugged and Skwarim).
Innovation Award for Technology at the 2007 Data Protection Summit (DPS) for LaCie d2 SAFE Hard Drive
“Best of RetailVision Awards” Spring 2007 for Best Latin America Technology Provider
Janus 2007 Seal of Quality from the French Institute of Design for LaCie FireWire Speakers designed by Neil Poulton
Design Observer Award 2008 for LaCie Hub designed by Ora-Ïto and 2008 Design Observer Star for LaCie
                  FireWire Speakers designed by Neil Poulton from the France-based Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creation                        (APCI).
Product Design Award 2008 for LaCie 2big family designed by Neil Poulton and Little Disk family designed by Sam Hecht from
                  the Germany-based International Forum Design GmbH (iF)
Four 2008 RedDot Awards for superior design (2big family and Hard Disk designed by Neil Poulton, Little Disk family
                  designed by Sam Hecht and Golden Disk designed by Ora-Ïto)
Best Storage Back-up Solution Award from the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) for LaCie 2big Triple Hard Drive
Bronze award at 2008 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) competition sponsored by the Industrial Designers
                  Society of America (IDSA) and BusinessWeek magazine for LaCie Little Disk family designed by Sam Hecht
Product Design Award from the Germany-based International Forum Design GmbH (iF) for LaCie 4big and 5big product
                  range designed by Neil Poulton
Three 2009 RedDot Awards and an honorable mention for exceptional product design for LaCie 5big Network and LaCinema
                  Rugged designed by Neil Poulton and LaCie Flat Cables designed by ITEM as well as LaCie PCI Cards designed by                       Sismo (honorable mention)
RedDot Award 2010 for exceptional product design, quality and trendsetting for LaCie Sound2 Speakers designed by Neil
Gold Award at 2010 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) sponsored by the Industrial Designers Society of
                  America (IDSA) and Fast Company magazine for LaCie IamaKey                                                                        2011:
Videomaker NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) 2011 Award for Hard Drive BEST LIGHT GEAR to LaCie Little Big Disk
                  with Thunderbolt
Product Design Award 2012 from the International Forum Design GmbH (iF) for LaCie’s Porsche Design P'9220 and P'9230
                  hard drives.

LaCie does not operate a blog but keeps pages on Facebook with current postings and a large number of likes that continue to rise and on Twitter with current postings, 2,957 followers and 2,544 tweets.   LaCie also runs YouTube channel, currently with 1,685 subscribers and 1,475,965 video views.

LaCie: Website Security & Safety

LaCie uses secure (https://) connection at checkout, i.e. during transmission of information by a customer to its website, LaCie uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information the customer inputs.   LaCie has to transmit the entire credit card number to the credit card processor or company during order processing.   For customers’ security, LaCie does not maintain a database of customer credit card numbers and thus customers need to input their credit card number each time they come to LaCie’s website to make a purchase.

A diagnostic test made on Google today Dec. 31, 2012 confirms that is not currently listed as suspicious.   Of the 100 pages Google tested on the site over the past 90 days, 0 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent.   The last time Google visited this site was on 2012-12-31, and suspicious content was never found on this site within the past 90 days.   Over the past 90 days, did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites and has not hosted malicious software.

LaCie: Pricing & Packages

As with the case of similar but not identical items, it is not easy to compare this kind of items, due to the specific quality and value of each item.   Even with their superior quality and value as proven for having won numerous honors and awards, the products of LaCie appear to be still competitive in pricing as seen in the comparison below.

1) LaCie 2big Thunderbolt™ Series 2-Bay RAID | Dual Thunderbolt
(features shocking speeds up to 327MB/s, RAID flexibility--speed                                                                                              or security with Mac® OS, dual Thunderbolt ports for daisy                                                                                                       chaining, two hot-swappable disks for non-stop data access and                                                                                             design by Neil Poulton) ………………Capacity:  4 TB (terabytes)…    $549.00

2) LaCie d2 Network 2 (Professional & reliable network storage
powered by LaCie NAS OS 2 allows backup of multiple workstations                                                                                       and quickly shares files, regardless of operating system (Mac, PC,
Linux, no problem); surprisingly easy to set up and use, can control
access by setting user- or group-level permissions, includes
Genie® Backup Manager Pro™ for Windows® and Intego® Backup
Manager Pro™ for Mac, can download, manage and upload files
remotely, has advanced cooling system to prevent overheating and
ensure long-term reliability, is able to print from any computer on the
network) ……………………………...    Capacity:  2 TB (terabytes)…    $199.99
1) LG N2A2DD2 2 Bay Network Attached Storage (LG N2A2DD2                                                                                                 2 Bay NAS lets you go beyond the storage limitations of handheld                                                                                     devices and gain access to videos, music and presentations via the                                                                                    Internet, delivers a new level of interactivity.  Compatibility: Mac, PC,                                                                                 interface provided: 4 pin USB Type A, RJ-45).    Capacity:  2 TB …       $656.64

2) LG Super-Multi Network Attached Storage N1A1DD1 (Accesses                                                                                        data or stream media via the Internet, features iTunes music server                                                                                   support, autosync backup support and built-in FTP server functionality)
…………………………………………………..     Capacity: 1 TB …         $199.99
1) WD Sentinel DX4000 Storage Server (Easy to install and provides                                                                                     secure centralized storage, complete data protection and remote file                                                                                     access in the office or from anywhere, enhances business efficiency                                                                                       and productivity by enabling anytime, anywhere secure access to                                                                                       company files without the complexity and expense of a VPN solution.                                                                            Connectivity 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, supported                                                                                           operating systems Windows XP with service pack 3, 32-bit versions                                                                                         only, Windows Vista with service pack 2, all 32-bit and 64-bit                                                                                               platforms, Windows 7, all 32-bit and 64-bit platforms, Mac OS® X                                                                                    Leopard, Mac OS® Snow Leopard and Mac OS® X Lion*), File                                                                                           sharing support for Linux and Unix).   *) May require updating                                                                                             system with latest MS and WD updates.               Capacity: 4 TB …     $949.99

2) My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage (Connect this powerful                                                                                             drive to your wireless router for shared storage on your home network                                                                                      that you can access within and outside the home. Share files with Mac                                                                              computers and PCs, stream media to your television through your                                                                             DLNA-enabled devices and access files remotely with the WD 2go                                                                                           app and website)…………………………………        Capacity:  2 TB …    $169.99    
                                                                           Capacity: 3 TB …     $209.99

LaCie: Shipping Rates & Policies

LaCie normally ships orders received on or before 1 p.m. Pacific Time on business days on the same day.   Orders received after that time are shipped the following business day.   Orders received after 1 p.m. on Fridays are processed and shipped the following Monday or the next business day.   To ensure same-day shipping, orders should be placed before noon Pacific Time.   If this premier manufacturer of high quality digital storage, color displays and accessories encounters a problem while processing an order, it will attempt to contact the customer within 60 minutes of order placement.   On occasion, an item ordered could be out of stock and the customer would be notified within 24 hours in such case.   Shipping rates appear on the shopping cart and at checkout.

The customer will receive a confirmation email when his/her order is placed online, in addition to an email when the order is processed. Once the freight carrier has picked up the order, the customer will receive another email containing the tracking information.

LaCie ships by FedEx, while online options are Ground (5-7 business days), Express Saver (3-5 business days) and Second Day.   Customers should contact Direct Sales at (503) 844-4500 for assistance with overnight shipments.

LaCie does not require signature upon delivery, but this option is available for an additional cost by calling Direct Sales at (503) 844-4500.   FedEx reserves the right to add a signature requirement if they feel the circumstances warrant it.   For more information, customers should visit FedEx's website:

LaCie is not able to ship to APO or FPO addresses and does not ship to destinations outside the United States.   However, LaCie has offices in many countries around the world and customers can use this link to locate the country of choice:

LaCie: Payment Methods Accepted

LaCie accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and debit cards bearing the Visa or MasterCard logo, checks or money orders (call Direct Sales at (503) 844-4500, option 2 to place order).   LaCie cannot accept credit cards with foreign billing addresses.   Cards are charged at the time products ship.   This leading manufacturer of digital storage, displays and accessories also accepts purchase orders from educational institutions with the following information:

  • Contact name
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Item number
  • Quantity
  • Shipping method
  • Payment terms Net 30 days

Other companies and organizations should contact Direct Sales at (503) 844-4500, option 2 for more information about placing purchase orders.   To make tax-exempt purchases, interested parties should call LaCie at (503) 844-4500 to place their tax-exempt orders.   LaCie requires the tax exemption certificate, which may be emailed to, before it can process such order.

LaCie: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

LaCie offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.   If a customer is not satisfied with his/her purchase for any reason, he/she may return the item within 30 days of purchase for a refund of the purchase price plus sales tax.   Prior to returning any product for credit or exchange, a customer must obtain a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number from LaCie’s customer service representative.  The customer should have the following information ready when calling for an RGA number: the customer’s name under which the product was purchased, the sales order number, the serial number and the reason for return.   The sales order number can be found at the top of the packing slip that came with the product, while the serial number on the white LaCie bar code sticker at the bottom or back of the product.

The RGA number must be visible on at least two box sides of the return packaging.   Products that receive RGAs must be received, shipping pre-paid, with a valid RGA number, on our dock, within 10 days of the RGA number issuance or they will be refused and returned to the sender at the sender's expense.   All returned products must be insured for full value and shipped, pre-paid via a carrier that can provide proof of delivery to LaCie in the event of loss.   LaCie will not be responsible for carrier loss or damage, or loss due to damage resulting from improper packaging.   Returned product that arrives with shipping charges, postage or import duties due will be refused and returned to sender at sender's expense.

Credits will generally be processed within fifteen business days following receipt of the authorized return based on the following:
Credit Cards: The credit card upon which the original purchase has been charged will be credited the eligible charges, less shipping.
Net Terms: Customers on terms will receive a credit to their account, less shipping charges.
Check: Customers who have paid by check will receive a check, less shipping charges, to the party listed as the "bill to:" party on the invoice.

The actual amount of any credit will be determined at the sole discretion of LaCie depending on the condition of the returned product and adherence to the above terms and conditions.   It may take up to one full billing cycle for the credit to appear on the customer’s credit card statement.

Further details are published on

LaCie: Product images & screenshots
LaCie Coupons
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